Countryside Wedgwood & Co Blue China 30 pc Set

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The riverside landscape displayed on each dinner plate, dessert plate, dessert bowl, teacup, and saucer varies in intensity throughout the collection, verifying its authenticity. The dinner plates, dessert plates, and dessert bowls are stamped with Country Side, Wedgewood & Co LTD England, REG. Trademark No. 547269, Founded in 1835 by Enoch Wedgewood, a genuine hand engraving, all decoration under the glaze detergent & acid resisting colors. The teacups and saucers are engraved with made in England, Countryside, Wedgewood & Co. LTD.

A China collection of this size is a unique find. I have seen many pieces sold individually or in sets of 4 but not in a collection of this magnitude. Imagine serving a special meal to your entire family and welcome guests on a set that has been handcrafted from what seems to be another world.


Handmade in England
Stamped underneath each piece

The china set includes the following:

6 Dinner Plates (10in. diameter)
6 Dessert Plates (6in. diameter)
6 Dessert Bowls (5in. diameter)
6 Tea Cups (3in. height x 4.5in. widest)
6 saucers (5.5in. diameter)

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